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I am going to share with you what was life was before I really take a dived in this real estate industry.

It was back then in the year 2005 when I was out of job, times was really hard back then… The company I was working with was Goldheart Jewellery. At that time I was working as a jewellery inventory photographer. I was drawing quite a good pay back then and things were looking promising until the company managing director announced that he has decided to sell off the company to Lee Hwa Jewellery

This sudden news came without any prior warning and every staff at Goldheart Jewellery was worried that a mass restructuring or retrenchment might happen.

Not long after, we were told and with some level of guaranteed by the management that no one will be axed just because of this change of hands.

But you know what, just less than a month after Lee Hwa Jewellery bought over Goldheart Jewellery, I received a letter from the new Human Resources Manager whom took time to interviewed me and told me that the new management finds my job scope is redundant and the company no longer require my service. I was asked to resign from my position soon after.

Becoming a drink stall hawker


Being displeased with what had happen, I was determining not to work for anyone else and I started to come out and try self-employment. Together with my friend help I manage to acquire a drink stall selling Sugarcane, cigarettes and beer at the famous CHOMP CHOMP FOOD CENTRE at SERANGOON GARDENS ESTATE.

Since I was out of job, I decided to give a try, I took the risk, but never did I expect it was more than what I can take. 

Operating a Sugar cane drinks stall was tiring and it took a while for me to get use to the daily momentum.  The stall daily operating hours is from 6.00pm, just in time to catch the dinner crowd… closing time can be as late as 12.30am.

Since I have no prior experience in making sugar cane drinks I gotten my friend to help me, He was willing to help me as a business partner and added value stall helper. We started the first two month quite promising making monthly revenue of S$2,000 more or less initially.

But things took a turned on the third month into business when the unforgiving weather started to rain almost every day or so.

The drink stall business was greatly affected by this and to makes things worst our competitor became more aggressive in the competition by selling hot drinks and since they are bigger stalls they took most of the patrons in Chomp Chomp.

Our daily revenue narrowed from S$300 became S$100 per day…. My partnering friend somehow started to show signs of withdrawal and I sense that he regretted in this business venture because he starts complaining and nagging to me.

Not long after, I was in dire straits and could not make up for the rent; the earning was too little to cover the S$3,500 rental for the drinks stall. Hence at this point of time I decided I really need to exit this trade before it gets worsen towards end of the year where rainy months are more prevailing.

Somehow with GOD’s grace for me, I manage to let go and found someone else to take over the drinks stall from my tired hands.

After which the days ahead was tough enough I was struggling to look for job and have to seek help from my Mum in terms of financial support to tie over.

It was during Chinese New Year when my mother happen to speak to my Uncle who was then the founder of Propnex Realty Pte Ltd.

My mother asked me to contact him for a job interview. At that time his Company was looking for IT sales and was expanding rapidly.

I remember when I was in my teens , my belated grandmother actually help my uncle by giving him the exclusivity to sell her landed house in Jalan Senang and that was back then in 1998. At that time my uncle company was known as Prulink and he was just starting it from scratch.

Not long after the job interview I joined one of my uncle’s subsidiary company called Singsystems Pte Ltd.

It was the most encouraging works days of my life, I got to learn new skills like IT Training and office procurements and I got to know many distinguished property agents at Propnex.

At Singsystems, I was working from 9.00 pm to 6.00 pm daily and although I have to liaise with many senior agents for preparing courses and training, the idea of becoming one of them as an agent was far from my head.

Until one day I got to know a senior agent whose name is Gary Chew, he shared with me his dreams and goals and he planned to form a team.

This is what Gary taught me “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him a skill that will feed him for a lifetime.”

Initially I was totally not keen in this industry as Property agent, because I find it is a very risky business. In my opinion both insurance and properties trade are without stable income.

Well 3 years passed by quickly and Propnex decided to close down Singsystems subsidiary and the company decided to repost me to another department called Associate Support Centre, which was when I realized that nothing last forever and least expected I became a frontline customer servicing hotline counter executive dealing with Propnex agent enquiries.

Coincidentally that agent whom I always crossed path with came to me very often and convinces me positively that he has a great team now and wanted me to try out part-time as an agent assistant by conducting telemarketing after office hours.

I found some time after office hours and stay on to help him as a telemarketer. During the first week of cold calling I managed to bring in quite a handful of listings which eventually turn into a real closing.

I was greatly motivated by his guidance and remuneration from the closings.


At that time I just got married with Lina and I realized as the man in the family, it’s my responsibility to provide more. This is the point of time where I decided to switch career and re-joined Propnex as an agent.

My first year being an agent was really tough as I have to face many difficult clients on my own and most of time my mentor was not around to support me.

Nevertheless, I did learn much good knowledge from him especially on rental. I continued persevering, and focus on developing my client database, even until today.

Within 2 years of joining Propnex as a full-time agent I managed to secure the TOP 500 agent charts and was awarded Ambassador of Propnex on the 5th year for achieving zero complains reputations and healthy customers’ satisfaction feedback.

During my 6th year with Propnex, I was promoted to Group Director. At the same time, I became a solo fighter as my own division was disbanded due to my mentor’s resignation and he returned to his family business.

A rare opportunity to be part of Alan Lim's personal mentoring and training

I was transferred to HQ division where I got to know Mr. Alan Lim, who was also the founder of Propnex closer. Sharing a common hobby in marine tank keeping back then, we became friends.  Mr. Alan Lim also mentored me and Lina until 2019.

Through his recommendation I was enrolled into Propnex Team Manager Boot Camp, which was indeed an unforgettable agent’s motivation and achievement steroid course that I will never forget.

In the year 2019, Lina and I attended an event called NAVIS Night (FLY WITH NAVIS) to explore new opportunities and we were impressed by the presentation given by a resourceful young team of OrangeTee and Tie Leaders.


Moving forward positively, I left Propnex and became part of NAVIS Living Group.

This new milestone started somewhere early 2019 where I am hopeful I can take my agency work to the next level.

I am thankful that currently Lina and I can be together as a team and we believe can achieve even more in the near future.

I will never forget my mentor Gary, who opened the initial door for me, which led me to who I am today. To my ex-boss, Alan, thanks for your support and guidance in my career with PropNex.

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  1. Susanna

    Inspiring story Felix! Hats off to working hard to get to where you are now!

    1. admin

      Hi Susanna,
      Yes indeed not easy 🙂
      Thank you for the effort in taking time to read this blog.

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Susanna

    Inspiring story Felix! Hats off to working hard to get to where you are now!

    1. admin

      Hi Susanna,
      Yes indeed not easy 🙂
      Thank you for the effort in taking time to read this blog.

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