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closing a resale hdb flat

I’ve told myself I won’t be a mere agent selling property. I want to go the extra mile and provide all my clients no matter who they are, rich or poor with good service. To do this, I have to work hard and constantly upgrade myself, such as by attending courses and seminars whenever I can afford the time so as to boost my knowledge on the real estate industry and keep myself updated on changes in regulations.

The investment really pays off. My added knowledge enables me to provide valuable advice to my clients, and often, also gives me an added edge over other  agents.

When I get compliments from clients, it’s a sign that my efforts have paid off and that I’m headed in the right direction. This further motivates and inspires me.

Determining What Buyers Really Want

When my career began, until today I always work in the estate I’m most familiar
with – Pasir Ris. In one of my successful deal, my buyer Mr Chan asked me to look for a corner Pasir Ris flat that was on a high floor with a sea view,near the MRT, and renovated. Additionally, he didn’t want to pay above valuation. 

I knew it wasn’t possible to purchase a flat of his description without paying a
high price, and moreover, there was no available unit that would totally fulfill his criteria. Despite my knowledge, I didn’t reject him.

Since Mr Chan has decided and asked me to only look for flat within Pasir Ris Estate. Without delay I ask him out for an appointment which I took this opportunity to share and breakdown into simple steps towards the processes of buying resale hdb flats … I remembered I share with him the below processes.



– Obtain the option to purchase from the seller .

– Within 24 hours buyer need to apply for valuation.

– The buyer then has up to 21 days to decide whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

I actually convinced him that he is in good hands if he allows me to assist him on the above.

Although I did not share all these processes in details, Mr Chan seems delighted by the amount knowledge I have and also my willingness to share it to him.

I further explained to Mr Chan that it’s almost impossible to find something like what he wanted as it’s too complex and every flat in Pasir ris has their own demographics ,have their own type of layout plans and their own asking prices so my advice given to him is to cut down to just 3 houses and see which is more suitable for him ideally . During this time I managed to seek out his Bank loan and ideal budget for purchasing the flat.

Hence, with his approved bank loan done and his budget tally up correctly,  I also explained to Mr Chan that the size of a property does makes very big difference too.  By using these important pointers, I manage to lower down his expectations.

For three days, I took him and his fiancee to view a number of flats that satisfied some of his criteria.
After those three days, I realized their main priorities were a sea view and a proximity to the MRT.  In the end, the flat they settled on satisfied only these two conditions.

In addition, they paid $20,000 above valuation. Later, they reviewed to me that before they called me, they’d actually called a few agents, who had all declined to show them any flats. I am the only agent that gives them time and correct information. Hence he decided to go with me.

From this deal, I realized that the most buyer will not always insist on all the criteria they demand of their dream flat, as out of their list of criteria, some are the main and essential conditions, while the rest are optional. There are also cases when the buyer ends up buying a flat totally different from what he or she started looking for.

Buyer needs can change if they aren’t able to get exactly what they want. It’s hard to find an ideal house. If all the physical conditions are ideal
the price may not be.

New agents shouldn’t listen entirely to what the buyer says. By strictly following what the buyer wants, new agents who encounter difficulties in meeting those initial criteria always assumption and conclude the buyer isn’t serious about buying, When the type of unit your client is seeking isn’t available, you must offer them an alternative Of course, you should support your alternative with reasons why it would be a suitable buy.

I realised for 70 percent of the buyers I serve, the unit they request for doesn’t match what they end up buying. If a buyer has a genuine need for a product, they’ll adjust to get what they want because they’ll realise what they want at times doesn’t exist.

As an agent, you must talk to your buyer and keep asking questions to determine what he or she really wants.

Some of the buyer’s criteria won’t change, but other criteria may be minor preferences that the buyer can do away with. Hard work isn’t the only ingredient for success. You must act smart, and keep analysing to grow.

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