NAVIS Platform

Find out why over 900+ property agents in Singapore have entrusted and joined us in our success in the real estate industry.

The ultimate teamwork platform that helps agents get their listings SOLD and RENTED quicker than our competitors. Enjoy seamless automated postings and invitations to TAG and watch your income explode!

Automated Prospecting. Easily launch your prospecting routine with a few clicks and achieve what typical agents take 10-15 hours a month to do!

iMarketing is your concierge that includes iLeads, iMessage and iReport. It automates how you update clients on marketing activities and intelligently suggests revisions to make listings more competitively priced, saving you hours of time and energy!


Over the years, Link Up has helped agents close more deals than they did before, while saving them many hours and resources spent on mundane repetitive tasks. To date, there has been copycats but none has managed to achieve the level of success and user intuitiveness that Link Up has.

Watch our video to understand how Link Up has impacted the lives of our people through it’s multiple award winning functions such as Maxposure, Navis TAG, S.A.M, iMarketing and more..

“Innovation is not innovation unless it improves upon the lives of those who use them.”